ESM Beech Bonanza Standard Tail 36 Color A Blue-Grey 80.5" ARF

ESM Beech Bonanza Standard Tail 36 Color A Blue-Grey 80.5" Wing Span: 80.5" (2045 mm)


Wing Span: 80.5" (2045 mm)

Length: 64.3"(1632 mm)

Flying Weight: 14-17lbs (6.4-7.1 kg)

Glow Engine:1.50-1.80 4 cycle or electric equivalent

The first american cilviian plane built with post-WWII design concepts. the beech Bonanza was a engineering success. 17,000 were produced between 1947 and 1982 and many are still soaring today! The easier-to-manage horizontally-opposed six cylinder engine allowed it to take on many missions, including the role of scout plane during the vietnam war as well as as receational and commerical carrier. Relive the action that has propelled the Bonanza to soaring fame with his high powered scale rc model.


The Beechcraft Bonanza Standard Tail produced by ESM, is yet another top notch RC scale airplane design to excite you with both appearance and performance. ESM of China has been importing RC scale airplanes into the USA and Canada for a few years now, and in that time ESM has become recognized as a new industry leader in highly detailed, great flying, ARF's. Not only are the ESM ARF's highly detailed, and great flying, they are extremely affordable for anyone to enjoy!

The Bonanza, as with all of ESM's RC scale airplanes, come already painted at the factory, have pre-applied decals (which are then covered with a clear coat at the factory), have factory functional flaps (if the full scale version also had flaps), and come with one of the more complete hardware packages anywhere...including screws, rods, fuel tanks...etc.

All ESM planes are painted with a very high quality enamel paint which is resistant to oil, grease, and fuels. The high gloss paints are of course easier to clean than the low gloss. These paints can be painted over for weathering and the like.




Most ESM scale RC airplanes have poly resin fiberglass fuselages, with the wings being typical built up, and then covered with an etched polyester film, which is then painted for a perfect match! While all ESM scale RC planes come from the factory with conventional gear and wheels, ESM also offers a complete line of retracts for each individual plane, adding to the level of scale realism that all scale pilots look for in an ARF. It doesn't end there, ESM offers separately a exclusive full line of scale accessories like bombs, gear doors, pilots, external fuel tanks and more, specifically designed to help those builders who want the most realism possible, without having to spend hours designing and building all these extra scale goodies.

The ESM Bonanza, as with all of the ESM line of ARF scale RC airplanes, look and fly so realistically that we are confident that you will be extremely pleased !!! ESM is continually working on producing new RC scale aircraft, and most of these new offerings will be available with wingspans of 80 inches or more so that they will meet or exceed IMAA legal requirements.

Esm air/electric retract versions are available for this plane

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ESM Beech Bonanza Standard Tail 36 Color A Blue-Grey 80.5" ARF

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