ESM P-51D Mustang Gunfighter Color B 71" Wingspan ARF

Wingspan: 71" (1800 mm)


Length: 62.3" (1583 mm)


Flying Weight:  : 11.46 lbs (5.7 kg)

Gas Engine: 26cc - 36cc.

ESM Gunfighter P-51D Mustang 71"

The Gunfighter P-51D Mustang produced by ESM, is yet another top notch RC scale airplane design to excite you with both appearance and performance. ESM of China has been importing RC scale airplanes into the USA and Canada for a few years now, and in that time ESM has become recognized as a new industry leader in highly detailed, great flying, ARF's. Not only are the ESM ARF's highly detailed, and great flying, they are extremely affordable for anyone to enjoy!

Fly the iconic North American Aviation P-51 Mustang, the fighter plane that won the war for air superiority during WWII. Fly the scale rc warbird with its powerful engine and relive the thrill of con quering the skies. Experience the plane that forged a legacy with it'sRolls-Royce Merlin engine and can still be seen soaring today.



ESM P-51D Mustang Gunfighter Color B 71" Wingspan ARF

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